Sometimes, yes, and sometimes, no.

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Are my lovers better looking than my hubby?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

I know that is not a satisfying answer. My husband is actually pretty good-looking. Tall and broad with beautiful grey eyes and most of his hair. I still love looking at him in a dress shirt coming home from work. My man rocks a button-down.


But I spend on sexy things for my lovers

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Those bits of clothing or non-clothing spur the imagination of many a man. And fuel regret. Especially on r/deadbedrooms where desire has been short-circuited permanently.

No flipping that switch.

“My wife told me a few years ago that we didn’t have sex because she didn’t have anything to wear…

When a stupid survey makes you think…

Another survey from Ashley Madison in my super secret inbox. “We want to hear your thoughts on a variety of topics,” the email said. Sure, I thought. These are always good for shits and giggles.

  1. What is your Gender?
    Female (I wasn’t tempted by non-binary or other)
  2. How old are…

When having an affair sucks

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Anyone who’s had an affair knows the drill.

Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s. Valentine’s Day. Easter. What have you…it could be any freaking holiday of choice.

Low contact.

“You know I can’t text.”
“Family time.”

I have a family, too, dude. I love them (I’m not quite as callous as…


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