Stand back and watch us create an Adultery Empire

The dumb mistakes men make that get them eliminated

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When the truth hurts

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“My wife is more important to me.”

Hi to all my haters

I don’t understand. You state, "I don’t need to feel like an unpaid prostitute", yet you fuck so many men, and claim you need the sex? Why not stick to ONE man, and have a lot of sex with him?? As a…

Cheaters are ready to get busy, believe me…

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Right now, I’m in a man avalanche.

It’s like a mad frenzy of Moderna-fueled madness out there! Or Pfizer-fucking. Take your pick. Men hanging off every virtual tree branch looking for an affair.

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The Romantic’s:

(Updated whenever I remember cause this ain’t no corporate job)

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  1. Why I Cheat on My Husband and I Don’t Plan to Stop (this one was so hard to write, took months of redo’s)
  2. Lifting The Curtains Behind the Fantasy of the Cheating Lover (Fearless she Wrote accepted this article and I felt so proud having tried time and time again to get published there)
  3. MasterClass for Baby Adulterers (I giggled maniacally writing this one)
  4. Cake Eaters of Adultery (my first article for The Medium and still one of my faves)
  5. Writing a Profile for Ashley Madison for Men (a no-brainer article for me)
  6. Is…

7 Tips from an adulterer who knows all the tricks

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Tip #1

Tip #2

Let me tell you when I knew…

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When you want a sweet treat and your spouse doesn’t

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Middle-aged adulteress navigating dead bedrooms and affairs without fear. Adultery 101. Editor of The Scarlett Letter and P.S. I Hate You.

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