Revealing as little as possible…

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On my birthday, I decided to do an “about me.” So quaint, I thought. All these nice writers telling the 100 million average monthly readers about themselves in earnest tones. Why they are special. Why they write. Why we should read them.

Nope. Not me.

This is the ANTI version…


You should understand why he strayed

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To the “wife”:

You probably won’t read this. You’ll be too wrapped up in your hatred and pain to acknowledge the part you played in your husband’s adultery.

I’m here to explain. Hear me out.

You won’t though.
“That bastard.”
“He’s no good.”
“I gave him the best years of…

But you cheat anyways.

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You know it’s going to end in flames.

You know affairs have a shelf life. It’s a dead end. It won’t be pretty. Thinking anything otherwise is just foolish.

Here’s my advice:


The highs make the lows worthwhile. Live for those moments. The ones that you can recall just by…

A glimpse into my mad mad world

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I swear I don’t make this shit up.

Here’s how my adultery week is shaping up so far:

Joey Tribbiani:

That’s not his real name, duh. That’s the dude from Friends. Matt LeBlanc played him if you have lived under a rock for the past 20 years.

He wanted to get together…

Coming on too strong in cheating

Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

When do you know that line has been crossed?

You just do.

It’s a gut instinct. When a guy comes on too strong/too desperate.
“I can meet anytime Monday.”
“Let me see my schedule,” I texted.
“Just think about it. I can do Tuesday during the day.”

Ok, mister. I…

Imagination is the key

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Why are readers are the only people I want to fall in love with? Because they use their imagination.

Imagination best used in between the sheets and in between the ears. A guy that I don’t have to think, “Did he get that?” reference. He did. And more. …

Here are some of my secrets of how I weed through men

Photo by Harshana @IAMA on Unsplash

How do I weed through potential lovers? I can do it pretty efficiently now.

It’s gotten easier or the men have gotten stupider. Not sure which.

It’s actually just years of practice. It’s kind of like writing. I get a “feel” for what works in a sentence and the rhythm…

When do you know you found the “right” affair partner?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

“So what do you think?” he said. “Is it an if or a when?”
“Excuse me?”
“You know, not an if we get together again; just a matter of when?”

“Oh, when. Definitely, when.”

Those lovely four letters. Almost as good as the other four letters we eventually got to.

Showing the other side of adultery

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Chump Lady.

She tells it like it is.

I surprisingly LIKE her. I shouldn’t, I know. She’s everything I should loathe, but I am amused by her gumption. She would hate me, of course. I’m the embodiment of every evil a cheater can be.

I betray happily, I show no…

And other fails looking for a lover

Photo by David Pupaza on Unsplash


I wrote that on my OkCupid profile. Of course, my husband doesn’t know that I’m done with monogamy.

“Does ur husband know ur cheating?”

Oh yeah. That’s a great idea. Let me tell him. You are too stupid to fuck out of network.

“You know I’m CHEATING, duh?”
“I’m on…


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