It’s not just for millenials any more

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Listen up and learn so you can get laid in some distant future

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And other copouts in adultery

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All things adultery. Sex out of network. We are terrible and human. So are you.

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“Medium is trying to shift the paradigm. They’re catering to those looking for fresh, new, authentic voices. I believe wholeheartedly in their mission.”

Joel Leon

Looking back

Having fun with my lips on

When I’m horny and willing and no lover is available…

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What to do when affair partners come back around

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Oh, have you? I wonder. Have you been thinking about my pussy specifically? Or, any pussy? Are you extra horny? No prospects? That’s what I’m thinking.

My marriage is making me into the living dead…

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  • The only kind of play you get is chore play. What is chore play, you ask? If you are in a dead bedroom, you know. It’s basic duties done usually around the house, done only for the purpose of obtaining sex. “I’ll vacuum, if I can eat you.”
  • Your decaying, rotting body turns off your spouse no matter how…

When interview sex isn’t a sure thing

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Middle-aged adulteress navigating dead bedrooms and affairs without fear. Adultery 101. Editor of The Scarlett Letter and P.S. I Hate You.

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